Tooth Pillow

PhotoGrid_1392106223380 PhotoGrid_1392106378977Tooth fairy friend…


Hi everyone, this is my first time writing a pattern for others to follow, so I hope it works well for ya! I think some amigurumi experience will make this easier, it’s probably an intermediate pattern for those newer to ami’s and an easy pattern for those with experience (best guess..)

In writing this, I assume you know how to do a magic circle, or it’s alternative, and are familiar with a whip stitch and weaving in ends~~ if’s all over the internet, so you should be able to learn… I didn’t/am not going to add those tutorials here haha 🙂

Have fun!

The tooth is worked as two separate roots which are whip-stitched together and then continued as one piece. This is worked in the round, continuously (as a spiral). There is no chain and join from one row to the next. I don’t like using a chain and joining rows in my amigurumi. I do switch hooks when I am decreasing in large amounts–half or more stitches per round– I find that switching to a smaller hook for decreasing like that makes a neater piece. This is optional. I usually do one hook size below the size I use for the rest of the piece.

This guy is made with caron simply soft (off white) and a size 5.00MM hook. (H/8)

6mm or 9mm safety eyes, if you want

Gauge really isn’t important in amigurumi, use whatever you want–as long as it’s tight enough that your stuffing stays in  🙂

stitches are american

SC= single crochet

INC = 2 SC in stitch

DEC= SC 2 together

hdc= half double crochet

Use stitch markers to keep your place

ROOT of tooth–make 2

Fasten off one only, you will leave the second one ready to continue in the round.

rnd 1, 4 SC in magic circle (4sts)

rnd 2, inc in every sc (8sts)

rnd 3, inc, SC; around (12sts)

rnd 4, SC around (12sts)

rnd 5, SC around (12sts)

rnd 6, inc, SC, SC; around (16sts)

rnd 7, SC around (16sts)

***fasten off 1st one here (#1), leave the other ready to continue (#2)

stitch the two together, see image 1…

Use the tail from the piece you fastened off to stitch the two together. Begin your whip stitch at the last stitch from rnd 7 on #2 (the one that still has your skein attached) and the first stitch after the place you fastened off on #1 (red yarn placement guide in the image). Whip stitch 5 total stitches.  [**tip**to keep my work from unraveling AND have that last ST stay snug for whip stitching, I use a safety pin-see image] Weave in the tail end.

Continue working in the round.. the next SC you make will be the beginning of the upper part of the tooth. Place your stitch marker there to keep track of where you are. This stitch is the beginning of round ONE of the tooth part. I do not increase and decrease evenly in the round here. It is increased and decreased in “corners” to give the tooth a more rectangular/square shape. Teeth aren’t perfect, so it’s ok to make a little error, I think…teeth are a wee bit bumpy, so don’t stress the little things 🙂 I try to give it some shape here, so I hope you like the look. Have fun ~

rnd 1:  SC 11, the next stitch on the root is the one involved with your whip stitch, and so is the next on the other root, you are going to single crochet those 2 together (DEC), then start with SC again on the next stitch, SC 11–then DEC again, this time you will be using a stitch NOT involved with the whip stitch, but crocheting it together with the next stitch that IS involved with your whip stitch– total of 24 SC’s this round. You’re next stitch should be the one with the stitch marker, marking the beginning of the round. [TIP**DEC snug! Also, after we sew on the pocket, we can use the ends we weave in to fill in a little if the dec areas seem too spacious] This was probably the most complicated part, congrats! Moving on…

rnd 2, SC around (24)

rnd 3, SC 4, INC, SC 2, INC, SC 8, INC, SC 2, INC, SC 4 (28sts)

(if you think of it as a rectangle, you have 8SC on the long sides and 2SC on the short sides with each corner being an INC– you get the gist of whats going on here)

rnd 4, SC 4, INC, SC 4, INC, SC 8, INC, SC 4, INC, SC 4 (32sts)

rnds 5, 6, & 7, SC around (32sts)

rnd 8, SC 4, DEC, SC 4, DEC, SC 8, DEC, SC 4, DEC, SC 4 (28sts)

rnd 9, SC around (28)

**I figure the mouth would be between rows 2-4, eyes between rows 8 & 9, or 9 & 10, you can embellish and embroider and whatnot as you go or before you close the tooth, it’s up to you** the bowtie is easier to do at this point than later…remember, a lot of the shaping will show when you stuff him, I hope it’s looking good so far!

rnd 10, SC 4, DEC, SC 2, DEC, SC 8, DEC, SC4, DEC, SC 4 (24)

we want to decrease fairly rapidly to get a nice flat top

rnd 11, DEC, SC 4, around (20sts)

start stuffing now, if you haven’t….the roots are easier to stuff with the top a little more open.

this is where I switch to a smaller hook, I will use my 4.25MM to close

rnd 12, DEC, SC around (15sts)

finish stuffing

rnd 13, DEC around

fasten off, leave a long tail, use tail to finish sewing top of head and fill in any very open spaces

(see image 2)


I used half double crochet, you can do single or double, to desired length and height, then sew on. Here’s what I did:

Ch 9

row 1, hdc in 2nd chain from hook and the next 7 sts (8sts) ch1, turn

row 2 hdc in next 8 sts, ch 1, turn

rows 3-5 repeat row 2

row 6 hdc in next 8 sts, fasten off

sew pocket to tooth

BOWTIE– optional

if you have a better way, do it your way LOL but this is what I came up with.

Starting with a 4.25,

chain 5, SC in second ch from hook, and next 3 sts (4SC) ch 1, turn,

DEC twice (2sts) ch1, turn,

DEC (1st) ch 1, turn ***I usually switch to my 5 here, as increasing always seems tighter than decreasing and this helps it look more even.

INC (2sts) ch 1, turn

INC twice (4sts) fasten off.

Weave the ends to the middle and wrap the yarn around the bowtie, then use them to secure it to your tooth. Remember, weaving in ends can always help you shape and clean up your work! (See image 3)


rnd 1, 6 SC in magic circle (6sts)

rnd 2, INC every (12sts)

rnd 3, INC, SC, SC, around (16sts)

rnd 4. BACK LOOP ONLY (this will give the hat a sharper edge) SC around (16sts)

rnd 5 SC around,

rnd 6- (11) continue to SC around (until desired height)

LAST round, INC around to make the hat brim. Fasten off.

You can add trim of your color if desired with yarn needle and contrasting color

Sew on hat


CH 8

ROW 1, slip stitch in 2nd ch from hook, SC in next, HDC in next, ch 1, slip stitch in next, ch 1, HDC in next, SC in next, slip stitch in last chain. Fasten off. Use tails to help shape if needed, and then sew on 😀 Hope this worked for you, it is certainly a little difficult to get just perfect


I would appreciate feedback if anyone makes this lil guy!


7 thoughts on “Tooth Pillow

  1. thank you big time. Think I will crochet a ruffle around the middle and a bow on the top for the Great granddaughters and use your original “Dapper Dan” for the boys.

  2. thank you for your great pattern. I’m currently making one for my dentist 🙂

    I have a correction on your pattern: you write to DEC SC around in round 12, which would result in going from 20 to 10 stitches. But that’s not correct: going to 10 stitches would require to DEC around instead of DEC SC around.

    Best wishes and keep up the good work!

  3. Muchas gracias por su modelo me encargaron 3 móviles con el muelo y con características especiales. Agradezco mucho que comparta su patrón. Mi hermana es protesista. Gracias, Lil!!!

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